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It's fun to upgrade your space with new and chic furniture, but let's face it: buying new pieces all the time can be downright pricey. That goes double if you're trying to fit a certain aesthetic. You'll pay a premium for certain pieces, all in the name of creating a space that you're proud of. If you're looking to add some modern, minimalistic furniture to your home, you'd normally have to dig deep into those pockets, but luckily, we've found the perfect thing to help you feel like you're giving your space a makeover and have a new, comfy place to sit and relax at the end of the day. 

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The Landon Pushback Recliner is a modern and sophisticated chair that can fit into just about any type of decor. Best of all, though? It's just $169.95. That isn't a sale price, either. That's how much it always costs, which means you can get a cheap yet sturdy and decidedly expensive-looking recliner for under $200 whenever you need one for wherever your home needs it. If the home design maven in you isn't rejoicing right now, just wait until you get one home. 

Landon Pushback Recliner

Buyers have made it clear that this is one gem of a deep Amazon find. It's still relatively slept on, given that it hasn't racked up too many customer testimonials, but of those it has, it's earned 140 five-star reviews. People can't get enough of this stylish recliner, especially since it's such a versatile piece of furniture. 

This cozy recliner is plush and comfortable, and comes in four different colors: black, grey, cream, and chocolate, in durable linen fabric. Each is crafted to be as durable and long-lasting as possible, with its legs and frame engineered from solid hardwood for added stability. Plus, it's easy to clean should you need to tidy it up. You can also put it just about anywhere, thanks to its smaller profile, which means it can go anywhere you want to put it with out much maneuvering to get it there. 

The recliner comes with a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back that you can use to settle in and support your lumbar. You can use the pushback mechanism to open the chair up into the reclining position and use your body weight to open and close the frame as needed. The chair is meant to help you unwind and de-stress and are built similarly to home theater chairs, so this recliner is all about kicking back and taking a load off. 

Landon Pushback Recliner

Not yet convinced you need one of these affordable recliners? Take it from one of the many buyers who can't stop gushing over it, this is an item you need in your home, like, yesterday. One reviewer called it a "super, affordable chair": "My husband and I have very limited space in our living room and decided on this chair in light gray. I had shopped for a couple of weeks before deciding and was hesitant due to the price. But thankfully, I made the right choice. It fits well in our small space, and is of equal quality to other items I considered that cost double what this chair sells for. It is definitely not a chair for a tall person, keep in mind, but that makes it just right for me and I love it. I highly recommend Naomi Home, and this chair is a great deal!"t

Another buyer grabbed the chair just to "complete a room," only to find out it was a keeper: "We "needed" a cream colored chair to finish an area of the living room. This didn't look very comfortable, so having a recliner ability helped out. It's "roomier" than I expected, and my husband also likes to sit in it. The fabric is a nicely woven linen look, which I want. With an afghan draped over the arm and a small pillow on the seat, it's the perfect enhancer for the room. I think it does extremely well in small spaces."

An additional reviewer called it an "unbelievable bargain": "This is an unbelievably comfortable recliner. I purchased this for my mom and it was quite a bargain. We had someone put it together for us and they loved it too and wanted to purchase it as well. It is a lovely chair with a good neutral fabric that we would highly recommend!"

Whether you're looking to do some quick home renovations or you're in dire need of a new chair, grab a Landon Pushback Recliner. You'll be more than satisfied with your purchase.