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There are times in a relationship when you might feel a little jealous, or wonder if your significant other is keeping something to himself. While these circumstances can happen as one-offs, you might find yourself wondering, "Is my boyfriend cheating?" And these 35 signs to look out for in a relationship will definitely help you as you're trying to figure out the answer to that question.

Maybe you're in a newer relationship and you're not sure what the first signs of cheating would be, or you've been dating for a while and something suddenly feels different. There are times you could have even shared your concerns with your BF and felt reassured at the moment, but are now having even more doubts and suspicions. 

Whatever your circumstance, read through these red flags and warning signs to see if it's likely that he's cheating.

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The first signs your boyfriend is cheating

Have a strange feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you? There are a few early signs that point to cheating. He may spend more time on his phone, or maybe he seems especially busy lately. Of course, it can also be nothing. But it’s always a good idea to stay alert because early signs can quickly escalate into bigger ones. Canceling your date one day can turn into constant excuses for why he can’t go out.

Is it possible to know your boyfriend is cheating?

Yes and no. There are some obvious ways to know, like catching your boyfriend out with another woman. You might also see flirty texts on his phone or find lingerie in his car that’s not yours. But more often than not, the signs are less obvious. Listen to your gut feeling and pay attention to your partner’s behavior over time. If the secrecy, privacy, and distance only increases, you definitely have some red flags on your hands.

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35 signs your boyfriend is cheating on you

1. He’s always on his phone

Scrolling on TikTok is one thing. But if he seems deeply invested in his phone, he could be texting someone else.  

2. He never leaves his phone unattended

Did he previously leave his phone on the nightstand while he showered, but now he brings his phone with him? Definitely a red flag. 

3. He turns off his location 

If you share locations on Find My or Life360 and he suddenly turns his location sharing off, he may not want you to know where he is. 

4. He deletes his messages 

Did he claim he's "running out of storage," but that doesn't add up? Yeah, no. There's a reason he's suddenly getting rid of texts. 

5. He takes a long time to answer your texts 

You know your man! If he used to respond to your texts quickly and now he takes a long time, he might be texting other women.

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6. He doesn't post about you on social media 

Do his social media followers know you exist? If not, he might want it that way so other women don't think he's in a relationship. 

7. He's "working" more than ever

If his work schedule suddenly got crazy busy, he's probably covering up how he's using his time.

8. He buys you random gifts 

Your boyfriend may feel guilty about cheating and try to make it up to you with gifts. Surprises seem sweet, but if they're always out of the blue, it could be concerning. 

9. He starts dressing nicer

Is he changing up his look? It could be to impress someone. 

10. He works out more 

Self-care is important when it's for your self. If you notice that your boyfriend hits the gym more lately, he could be building muscle for someone else.

11. He starts hanging out with "friends"

Obviously, if your boyfriend hung out with friends before, there's no need to worry. But if he suddenly has plans with friends you've never heard of... 

12. He doesn't hug or kiss you as often 

Is he less playful and flirty with you? He could be getting his validation elsewhere.

13. Unrecognized numbers call his phone 

Everyone gets spam calls, but if you notice more random numbers calling him lately, there could be another woman on the other side of the phone. 

14. He gets annoyed easily 

If he's cheating, he's probably experiencing a range of emotions. Little things may start to annoy him.

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15. He's often stressed

Keeping up a lie is stressful. He might seem more overwhelmed and tired lately. 

16. He stops saying "I love you"

Distance is a common sign of cheating. Whether he notices it or not, he might stop telling you how much he loves you.

17. He's spending more money 

If he's taking other women out to dinner, you'll see unexpected charges on his credit card. 

18. He accuses you of cheating

A manipulative tactic to gaslight you, cheaters sometimes flip the blame on their partner. He might say that you've been distant or acting differently. Duh, because you're suspicious of him!

19. He comments on things he dislikes about you 

After being with other women, he may start wishing you had some of their qualities. Honestly, the nerve of some men.

20. His friends act differently around you 

If he's cheating, chances are, his friends know. They might be quieter or act awkward around you. 

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21. There's a dating app on his phone 

He really did this one to himself. If he says, "It's old, I forgot to delete it," he's likely trying to cover it up. 

22. He asks about your schedule a lot 

Is he suddenly asking how long you'll be gone? He's probably making sure that you won't be around when he's with someone else. 

23. He doesn't initiate sex 

Men are physical people. If you're the one initiating sex lately, he could be getting it from someone else. 

24. He stops talking about your future

One day he's planning your future family, the next he can barely make date plans for the weekend? Red flag. 

25. He doesn't give you eye contact

Guilty people don't look you in the eye. If your partner can't give you eye contact, he might be hiding something. 

26. He suddenly takes up new hobbies or interests

Did he used to hate gardening and now he's suddenly planting succulents? He could have just changed it up, or maybe there was someone who motivated him to do it.  

27. He has to "clean the car" before you go in 

Cleaning the car often is suspicious. He might be removing any evidence of another passenger. 

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28. He changes his story 

If you catch him in a few lies about his activities or whereabouts, odds are there's something going on.

29. He locks the doors 

If he has a sudden need for privacy at home, he's probably hiding something. Why else would you need to lock your partner out of a room? 

30. He smells like perfume (that's not yours) 

Start to smell another woman's perfume on your man? Don't let him tell you, "It's just someone who sits near me at work." 

31. His follower count grows on social media 

Unless he's trying to make it as a content creator, it's strange for his follower count to go up a lot. And it's especially strange if all the new followers are women. 

32. His notifications are turned off 

Wouldn't he want to be notified when you text him? Odds are his notifications are off so you don't see another woman's texts. And so she doesn't see yours. 

33. He cancels plans 

Being flaky with dates is suspicious. There can only be so many "my tire is flat" excuses.

34. He stops doing the little things 

Did he stop sending you those cute "good morning" texts? Putting less effort into the little things could mean he's focused on doing them for someone else.

35. You just know 

At the end of the day, you know your boyfriend. Trust your gut feeling!

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