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We're gonna give it to you straight: your keyboard is disgusting. Just think about all the dirt that gets stuck between those keys. You probably don't like to think about it, but it can make typing a sticky, unsanitary mess. And if you eat at your desk? Sorry, but you're probably only making it worse. Now, you could buy a bunch of pricey cans of compressed air. Or you could get something much, much better: a cordless, rechargeable keyboard cleaner! This handy gadget is perfect for keeping your keyboard in tip-top shape. Not only will it remove dirt and debris, but they'll save you money in the long run, too. Case in point? There's one you can snag at a great price right now. 

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The Wincooll Keyboard Cleaner is an Amazon favorite, and it's on sale right now for just $50.99 when you clip the 15% off coupon. That means you can have a gadget on hand any time you need to blow a bunch of crumbs out from behind your keys instead of having to empty your keyboard over a trash can. It's like a reverse vacuum -- you're pushing dirt out so you're left with a clean, sanitary surface!

Wincooll Keyboard Cleaner

People can't get enough of this handy keyboard cleaner, which you can use to remove all the gross dirt, dust, and debris that builds up over time under your keys. It's amassed over 1,200 five-star ratings, all from users thankful they've found another way to clean out their work area with shared keyboards or excessively messy office equipment.

You can use it with your desktop keyboard, your laptop, or any other device with keys. Just aim the cleaner where you'd like a blast of compressed air to go, and it'll come right out. Best of all, there's no prepping or priming. Just press the button and go. Thanks to the duster's 33,000 RPM motor, it can sent air hurtling out at an almost 10 level strong gale force for the deep cleaning you need. It also comes with a massive 6000mAh rechargeable battery that can work for up to 30 minutes on a full charge, which only takes about 3 hours. 

In fact, you don't even have to use it with a keyboard. It has plenty of uses with other items and in small spaces as well. It can also be used for cleaning other small spaces such as car vents, camera lenses, and other small appliances. Anywhere there's a crevice you need dusted, you can use this product to make everything squeaky clean again. 

Man using a keyboard cleaner on an AC unit.

One happy buyer called the keyboard cleaner "way better than expected." "Got tired of buying cans of air and tried several of these blowers," they wrote. "Most have been disappointing and got tossed but this blower was a surprise. Not quite as strong as an air can but impressive with a larger air stream and does the job with cameras, keyboards, lenses, and scanners. Battery life has been excellent. Ordered another for the wife's computer. Giving this 5 and highly recommended."

Another reviewer urged buyers to "stop buying cans" and use this cleaner instead: "I have been considering getting one of these for awhile. I wish I had gotten it sooner. Works great, I use it on everything. Blows lint out of my dryer lint tray compartment, dust and build up out of my mini split, car dash, etc. Well worth the money!"

Then, one commenter asked the question on everyone's minds: "Why buy cans of Dust-off when you can have one of these instead?" They wrote: "I used to go through at least one can of Dust-off Aerosol per week cleaning my model aircraft collection. No more. So I not only save money, but do a better cleaning job as this unit puts out a mini tornado of air...much more than that from an aerosol can."

Ready to kiss all those cans of compressed air goodbye? Be sure to nab your own Wincooll Keyboard Cleaner before it goes back up to full price.