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Winter is a time of year when many people are motivated to step up their fitness game. This is especially true for the period after New Year’s when you are determined to actually stick to those resolutions for once. Despite the cold temps, winter is actually a great season for running outdoors because you can see many natural scenes resembling a winter wonderland. But running outside in cold weather does require a bit of planning, so you'll want to be sure to choose gear that’s up for the demands of cold temperatures.

How To Choose Cold Weather Running Gear 

Teddy Savage, Planet Fitness National Lead Trainer, says there are several things to consider when selecting your cold-weather running gear: 

  • Water resistance. “Whenever the temperature starts to drop, the likelihood of running in the rain or other inclement weather conditions is higher.”
  • Warmth. “Be sure that the fabric is designed to keep you toasty, but not too hot or uncomfortable. Fleece-lined tights are great for this consideration.”
  • Visibility. “Winter running inevitably means less daylight. Strategic reflective patterns are a great idea for visibility and safety while running before the sun comes up, or after it dips below the horizon.”

He also suggests looking for pants or tights that have a seamless design, which can help cut down on chafing, an issue that’s often exasperated by cold temperatures. With that in mind, here are 41 of the best piece of cold-weather running gear. 

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Best Cold Weather Running Gear 

Under Armour ColdGear Authentics Leggings

Under Armour ColdGear Authentics Leggings

These Under Armour leggings are made from a dual-layer fabric that keeps you warm without overloading you, so you can run outdoors in comfort without the chill. They don’t bind or ride up, and the moisture-wicking material ensures you stay dry. Under Armour ColdGear Authentics Leggings, $55 at Amazon 

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

Heat Holders socks

Heat Holders stakes a claim as the creator of “the world’s warmest socks,” and that’s not hard to believe when you feel their super-toasty socks made from cashmere-like acrylic yarn. The company says their socks are 7x warmer than regular cotton socks. If the original (thickest) variety is too bulky to fit under your running shoes, there are also Lite and Ultra Lite styles. Heat Holders Thermal Socks, $18.99 and up at Amazon 


Reebok hoodie

This oversized Reebok hoodie is roomy enough for layering and incorporates heat-retaining technology that helps you retain up to 15% more heat. Available in two color options. Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Hoodie, $59.97 at Reebok 

Lasso Athletic Compression Socks

Lasso compression socks

Billed as “the first athletic compression socks,” these Lasso socks have developed a fan base among professional athletes and fitness buffs. Compression socks can provide a range of important health benefits—and if you think they can’t also be stylish, you obviously haven’t checked out Lasso’s sleek designs. They’re moisture-wicking, making them a great choice for running outdoors in all types of conditions. Lasso Athletic Compression Socks, $23.95 and up at Amazon 

Coalatree Baseline Mid Layer

Coalatree midlayer

Made from recycled coffee (really!), this Coalatree Baseline Mid Layer is eco-conscious and also perfect for layering. The durable honeycomb fabric keeps you warm and the hidden pockets keep your belongings secure. Available in several color options and sizes from XS to 2XL. Coalatree Baseline Mid Layer, $54.99 at Coalatree

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Walton Wood Farm Winter's a Bear Cracked Skin Salve

Walton Wood Farm Salve

Wind, cold, and other winter elements can be tough on your skin, so this Walton Wood Farm Winter's a Bear Cracked Skin Salve can seem like a lifesaver. It helps heal and protect skin and lips—and is easy to stash in your bag or purse so you can take it with you. Made from 100% natural ingredients like peppermint oil and cocoa butter, it’s vegetarian-friendly and has a refreshing scent. Walton Wood Farm Winter's a Bear Cracked Skin Salve, $14.98 at Amazon 

Nike Therma-FIT Synthetic Fill Running Jacket

Nike running jacket

This running jacket from Nike is sleek and lightweight, yet still keeps you surprisingly warm and protected from the elements. The extendable cuffs help keep your hands covered and cozy. Available in sizes from XS to 2XL. Nike Therma-FIT Synthetic Fill Running Jacket, $110.97 at Nike 

SABRE Runner Pepper Gel

SABRE pepper gel

Safety is an important consideration for runners—especially if you’ll be running alone, in the dark, or in remote or isolated areas. This SABRE Runner Pepper Gel is something you hope you never need to use, but good reassurance to have on hand, just in case. The gel format creates a more targeted stream and eliminates the potential wind-propelled blowback that can be a problem with traditional sprays. SABRE Runner Pepper Gel, $9.99 at Amazon 

VKTRY Performance Insoles

VKTRY insoles

These insoles from VKTRY have a curved design and provide excellent shock absorption, to cushion your feet while also helping to reduce the chance of injury. The benefits are especially valuable if you are prone to conditions like plantar fasciitis and shin splints. The company’s research indicates these inserts can also increase energy return and may improve your athletic performance. VKTRY Performance Insoles, $169 at VKTRY 

Venture Heat Pro+ Heated Down Jacket

Venture Heat jacket

You will be bringing the heat (literally) with this Venture Heat down jacket, which has built-in heating coils. If you don’t like being bundled up in bulky layers but still want to stay toasty warm, this is for you. It is lightweight but cozy and is DualPower Ready, meaning it’s capable of using two batteries to double the battery life—allowing you to get up to 16 hours of run time, depending on the setting. There’s also a bundle package that includes a pair of heated gloves. Venture Heat Pro+ Heated Down Jacket, $349 at Venture Heat

Brooks Glycerin 20 Neutral Running Shoe

Brooks Glycerin 20

Foot doctors often specifically recommend Brooks brand shoes because of the stability and support they provide. The company’s Glycerin 20 running sneakers are cushioned to provide ultimate comfort, so your feet feel great even after a long day of running. If you need extra support, check out the Glycerin GTS 20. Brooks Glycerin 20 Neutral Running Shoe, $121 and up at Amazon